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Back to School: Faith Edition

Back to School: Faith Edition


It’s that time of year again! Summer is wrapping up as children and their families prepare for a new year of school. Heading back to school is always bittersweet. While we say farewell to summertime, we also prepare to welcome the season of learning. As we gather up school supplies, buy new tennis shoes and backpacks, it’s also a wonderful time prepare to enter into our “new” faith. Whether we’ve accidentally hit pause on our prayer practice, or wonder what this transition will bring to our spiritual lives, heading back to school can teach us a lot about our own faith.  


Continuous Learning

Each year, our children head to school with an anticipation to make new friends and learn new things. Our faith is no different! We are constantly learning new things about Jesus, while receiving new gifts from our faith. Just as our children are always learning, so can we too strive for a deeper understanding of our connection to God, our world, and our families. Just as we prepare to send our children back to school, we can also prepare ourselves to reenter into our faith by surrounding ourselves with inspiration. Engaging with books of faith, spiritual music, and developing new friendships gives us the opportunity to strengthen our faith in new ways.


 Fears and Challenges

Back to school anxiety and anticipation is normal! Our children explore their fears and challenges all throughout the school year. Sometimes it’s a difficult project, at other times perhaps a friendship becomes challenging. Working through these obstacles gives our children perspective, wisdom, and life experience.  Maintaining faith does not come without its own set of challenges. Our own busy lives can challenge our faith in different ways. Consider using these times of difficulty as a way of acknowledging God’s steadfast love. When we stop to understand our own fears and temptations, we can walk away with a deeper understanding of ourselves.


New Faces of Faith

Do you remember how exciting it was when there was a new kid in class? Or maybe you were the new kid! The people we surround ourselves with do more for our faith lives than we could anticipate. During this back to school season, you might decide to join a new faith group, an exercise class, or book club. Developing new relationships gives us an opportunity to have deep connections with others. God is always living in others! What’s a better way to connect with God than through others?


Blessed Attire wishes you and your family a safe and faith-filled transition back to school! How do you strengthen your faith in this season of learning?  

It Only Takes A Spark

It Only Takes A Spark

“What does ‘be still and know’ mean?”  “Philippians 4:13! That’s my favorite verse.” A spark; a question; a conversation.  THAT is why I started Blessed Attire. 

 I was shopping the other day and was wearing one of our "be still and know"  Let’s Race tank top and a young woman came up to and said it was her favorite bible verse.  Another woman, who was standing near us came up to us and asked us what it meant.  We stood there in the middle of the store talking about this verse and Christ for 20 minutes! It was amazing.  That conversation, that spark, is the reason I do this. 

Featuring Our Favorite Products

It’s easy to forget that God’s grace is all around us! Sometimes, when life gets busy all we need is a small reminder of God’s love for us. We understand how chaotic life can be at times. That’s why we’ve created products specifically designed to spark conversation and allow us to be present to His love. 

Sometimes all it takes is a conversation or a quote to bring us back to what is truly important in life.  Or to allow someone the opportunity to ask you what they mean. Here are a few of our favorite Blessed Attire reminders!


Positivity in a Bag

Sparking conversation with our neighbors is hard to do these days. In the grocery store or around town, it’s easy to stick to ourselves. We pop in our earbuds and go along with our day. Carrying something like a tote bag to brighten someone’s day is a perfect way to start a deep and faith filled conversation. We love positive messages. That’s why you can find uplifting quotes like 1 Cor 10:14, “and do everything with love,” on many of our products. Start your day with a little love!

Something for Everyone!

Adults aren’t the only ones who need reminders of God’s love. Blessed Attire loves inspiring an interest in God for everyone in the family. We design products, like  t-shirts, that help kids understand their own faith. Being proud of faith is a powerful thing! Fostering this interest from an early age will give kids a strong faith-filled foundation.


Spread Out or Snuggle Up

Whether it’s a day at the park or a snowy winter night, God is with us everywhere. Quoted blankets, like this one, are great to leave in the car, on the bed, or draped over a sofa chair. Inspirational quotes will put a smile on anyone’s face, especially those who need it most. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Stay Stylish

Who said wearing faith has to be frumpy? Our quoted t-shirts for men and women are designed to be flattering for each style and preference. Perfect for inspiring conversations, or acting as a physical reminder of God’s presence, there is something for everyone.


At Blessed Attire, we get energized by fueling people’s faith. Our products are a testament to our ever-growing faith and commitment to connecting with others. What products are your favorites?  What are some of your favorite versus or quotes? 

Sacred Moments: Finding God in Each Day

Blessed Attire_6/4/2017

Sacred Moments: Finding God in Each Day

Life can be so busy and chaotic at times. The chaos might come from raising a family with small children, perhaps it’s trying to meet deadlines at work, and for a lot of us, maybe it’s a mix of both! Finding balance between all of our responsibilities and time for self-care can be a thin line; one that doesn’t always exist. Blessed Attire was inspired by the desire to find connections to God through people, beauty, and everyday moments. It can be difficult at times to remember to stop, look, and recognize God in each day.


Whenever our family sees rays of sunshine peeking through a cloudy sky, we stop for a moment and remember it’s God’s way of saying “Hi!” Small moments like these help us to pause from our busyness and witness God’s profound love and commitment to us. Sometimes all we need is a reminder of sunshine to connect with God, other times it takes more effort and consciousness. Here are some ideas on how to pause and connect with God amidst the hustle and hurry of our lives. Enjoy!


Remember to Pause. Throughout the day, there are small moments where we can stop and take a breath. We might be stopped at a red light, early to a meeting, or maybe we have a few moments for a coffee break! Wherever we are, we can stop, breathe, and reflect on where God has been present in our lives throughout the day. This can be very fulfilling at night, after we’ve experienced a whole day. Think of the people who were blessings to your day, people who’ve challenged you, or things that surprised you. Relive these memories and give yourself a moment to see God within them, and thank Him.


Live with Eyes Open. Just as we stop and reflect on God’s presence, we can also stop and open our eyes. Have you ever been somewhere so beautiful that it reminds you of God’s presence in our lives? We don’t have to be hidden in the wilderness or on a mountain’s summit to see the true beauty of creation. There are special moments in a beautiful sunset, in a rainstorm, in a flower through the concrete. Maybe in the clouds or the sunshine. When we stop for a moment and take time to really look at what’s before us, we’ll be surprised at how many moments of connection are right in front of us.


Look Within. God’s beautiful creation isn’t only within nature, it’s also within our own bodies and personalities. We are a part of God’s creation and the great part is that we get to be around ourselves 24 hours a day! Having trouble connecting to God? Look within yourself. Finding ways we’ve succeeded each day is just as important to find areas for improvement. Love yourself, God does!


Plan Ahead. Breaking away from our daily lives isn’t always possible. We are creatures of many flaws, we forget to reflect and breathe. It might be helpful to plan our special moments ahead of time. Maybe one day you carry an item that is especially meaningful to you. At Blessed Attire, we often carry a tote bag with a special quote on it, or plan some time to snuggle up with one of our blankets as physical reminders of God’s warmth. Physical reminders of God’s presence are hard to ignore!


God is everywhere! The possibilities of his presence are endless and boundless. Perhaps you find connection over your morning cup of coffee or in the silence of a spare moment. Whatever it is, recognize it and enjoy the connection. What helps you connect with God each day?

Peacemaker Profiles: People Who Inspire

Peacemaker Profiles: People Who Inspire

At Blessed Attire, we’re always inspired by the connections we make through the shared message of God. Our products are designed to enhance those connections by providing a platform for conversation. It’s the special connections that we share with normal, everyday people that inspire us the most. In the spirit of genuine gratitude, this week we are taking time to reflect on the people who inspire our work and our daily lives.


  • Our soldiers and service people often go unacknowledged and unrecognized for their great sacrifice for our country’s safety. Memorial Day is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the significance of the men and women who leave their families so that we can be with ours. Their acts of strength, perseverance, and courage are beautiful gifts from God that should be celebrated each and every day.


  • Our officers and firefighters who risk their lives everyday, walking towards danger on behalf of others encourage us to be more selfless and to serve others in our own special ways. The fear their families must feel at times is a sacrifice many of us do not know. Recognizing the impact of their calling and livelihoods make us more compassionate and loving members of the community. It’s easy to see the face of God when we take a moment to embrace the risk they take when they go to work.


  • Raising a family is no easy task! From single parents who work tirelessly to support their families, to our teachers and educators who shape future leaders, inspiration is easily found in their work and acts of love. My own family continuously inspires my work. My husband, a kind and loving man of faith, and my daughter, who is always looking to help those in need, keep me energized and grateful during difficult times.


  • Our pastors and clergymen and women give us the gift of God’s presence in the church, and throughout our daily lives. Their commitment to the goodness of God and their calling to live simply and for others is admirable. As we acknowledge the connections we make throughout our lives, it is especially meaningful to reflect on the connection we have with God because of the help we receive from these special and holy people.


Think about what’s been inspiring you, either in passing or in your daily work. Maybe it’s a conversation with an unlikely stranger, witnessing a beautiful act of kindness, or people who live lives of sacrifice and commitment. Whatever it might be, let us remember to give thanks for all these special moments and people! What’s inspiring you these days?

In Darkness, We Find Light: How to Stay Positive


In Darkness, We Find Light: How to Stay Positive

We live in a world full of beauty, hope, and love, but it can also show us moments of chaos and hurt. When things are going our way, when the weather is beautiful and flowers start to bloom, it’s easy to stay positive and connected to God’s bountiful creation. It’s in times of darkness and challenge where it becomes a little more difficult to remain positive. At Blessed Attire, we’re always looking for ways to stay positive and live in gratitude—even when we are faced with obstacles. This week we want to share some ways to stay positive, even when it doesn’t feel easy!


Morning Gratitude

It can be so tempting to dive into all of our daily activities as soon as we wake up in the morning. Spending time in the morning praising God through journaling or quiet time reading scripture or meaningful quotes can be a great positivity practice, even if it means waking up 10 minutes earlier. Starting the day on a positive note will eventually become a habit you won’t want to break.


Wear it!

What’s more positive than wearing a smile? Sometimes just smiling, even if we have to fake it at first, can remind us of all the beautiful things we have to smile about. Wearing something special such as a bracelet with an encouraging quote, or a t-shirt with a meaningful saying can spread positivity, especially to those around you!

Practice Trust

In moments of desolation and challenge, we can have feelings of anxiety, worry, and doubt. In these moments, it’s important to remember that God is on our side. When we experience these feelings, it can be helpful to listen to music that reminds us of God’s presence in our lives. Carrying a reminder of God’s love for us throughout the day, such as your favorite quote or scripture can be a source of positivity when we need it the most.  

 Don’t Give Up!

Even when you feel like giving up, know that what you’re experiencing is only temporary! Connecting with your spiritual community can be a great way to feel supported throughout challenging times. Many churches and places of worship have small groups, events, and seminars that are open to the community. And most importantly, never forget that you are loved!


We’re always looking for daily doses of positivity and inspiration. Our products are great reminders of the joy in each day and help us stay positive, especially during challenging times. What helps you stay positive?  We would love to hear from you!