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In case you needed some extra information... here is our shipping information, how to take care of your products as well as our return policy.  As always, please feel free to contact us at  

We always look forward to hearing from you!


We try to ship all of our orders within 24-48 hours.  Each order is individually packed and shipped to ensure accuracy and quality.  During our peak season, (Oct-Jan) please allow 48-72 hours.  

Shipping Rates:

In 2020 the US changed the way that shipping rates were configured.  All rates are based on weight of items, size of package/container, and distance.  Based on these new restrictions, we updated our shipping rates as follows:

purchase of $5.99-24.99=$3.75 shipping (level 1)

purchase of $25.00–$49.95=$5.75 shipping (level 2)

purchase of $49.96–$75.00=$8.00 shipping (level 3)

purchase of $75.01 and $99.99=$9.25 (level 4)

purchase of $100+=FREE SHIPPING! (level 5)


For printed apparel: please wash inside out in cool water, hang to dry. DO NOT IRON decoration.