When Blessed Attire was started, we had 2 goals: to start conversations in Christ by spreading positive messages and to give back to communities.  

The Partner Program has become our way to give back.  Does your church or organization need to raise money for an upcoming mission trip or maybe a new community program?  Then, let us help you!  Simply contact us at awhitley@blessedattire.com to fill out an application.  If you are approved then: 

  • Your church will receive a unique code when ordering merchandise on our website.  
    • when you are at the checkout screen you will enter your unique code in the DISCOUNT CODE BOX 
  • The sales will be tracked from each unique code and 5% of each sale will be donated back to you! (less taxes)

This is our way to combine our 2 goals: we can start conversations in Christ and give back to our communities!  Again, if you are interested in our Parter Programs, please reach out to us at awhitley@blessedattire.com for more details and information.