Our Story

Our Story

Blessed Attire was born out of a desire to share hope and inspiration at a time when the world can feel chaotic and disjointed. Andrea Whitley, owner and lead designer of Blessed Attire, saw that people in her life had lost their faith and wanted it back—but they needed a place to begin.

Our goal is to give you that starting point: a safe, easy way to have a conversation with people around you about spirituality, belief, and finding hope when you need it the most. When you wear a Blessed Attire shirt or carry a bag, you’re sending a message of kinship to others near you—a beacon of faith in a busy, confusing society.

Our apparel is designed to be comfortable, stylish and an easy way to express yourself every day.

The journey to launching Blessed Attire was filled with a lot of challenges. But beyond the challenges was the mission to spread joy, bring positive messages to our homes and our communities, and start great conversations about faith, God and love.

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