I am often asked “What made you decide to start a t-shirt business with no experience?”  In all honestly, I asked myself that question along with many others when I decided to start this adventure. What are you doing?  You have no design background!  You don’t know how to build a website? What do you know about t-shirts?  Lucky for me, God has a way of answering questions for you. 

I have no design background, but I owned a previous company and had a little (and I mean little) experience in building a website.   I also worked for a promotional company for a short time so I knew a little about how that industry worked.  As for printing, shipping and all of the other puzzle pieces, I was out of my element but as I mentioned, God has a way of providing answers to questions.

So, why did I start Blessed Attire? It was never about the shirts themselves but the messages.  We live in a world that is chaotic, stressful, and often unkind.  Social media, the news, and even people have become so focused on the negative aspect of things that we forget about the amazing things!  We forget about the sound of a babies laugh, the smell of our favorite dessert, the feel of the grass on our bare feet for the first time after a cold winter, and the love our God will always have for us.  I wanted the messages on each shirt to be positive, to spark a conversation or to just make someone smile in a world that has forgotten the small things; that has forgotten the positive things.  My hope is that each person will find a message that speaks to them.  My favorite verse is Psalm 61:2 (…when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I) which is why it is one of the verses we offer! That speaks to my heart and my soul.   I want people to find a verse, a saying, or even a simple graphic they love and let them be the positive message in the world.  Let that message spark a conversation.

God was able to answer all of the business questions and 8 years later, we are still here! 

So, why did I start Blessed Attire? To spread messages of positivity, encouragement and joy in a world that often feels chaotic. 

My question to you…What inspires you? What makes you get up each morning? 







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