I LOVE the change of seasons.  We are in Ohio, so we have the joy of experiencing all of the seasons.  Spring is my favorite!  I love watching the earth change from the cold of winter to the beautiful colors of spring!  That, and I do not like the cold!

Seasons are interesting, unpredictable, and full of change!  The drastic change in temperatures, the fury and destruction of a storm, the warmth and joy of a summer breeze, the sweet smell of spring flowers, or the cold and windy winter weather that can bring inches or feet of snow!  Have you ever noticed that the changing of the seasons resembles our lives?  We all go through seasons in our lives. We can experience emotional changes and destructive behaviors, we can feel the joy and warmth from the love of our families, or the warm sun on our face.   We can also feel sadness, grief, frustration, and anger.   We may move to a new city or start a new job.  Maybe start a new relationship or bring a child into the family!

What season are you in? Are you in a season of joy or sadness?  Maybe one of newness and excitement! How many of you have ever felt in a season of change? I think that is where I am at the moment!  So many changes!  My daughter is getting older and growing up so fast!  She has so many new adventures ahead of her!  Our wholesale company is steadily growing.  We are moving Blessed Attire into a new market location in 2 weeks so we will have a “store” again!  On the flip side, my muscle disease is becoming challenging, but I understand how to deal with and manage it.   Those are just a few of the changes in my world.  Some of them are good and some of them are simply changes.  

But no matter what, I always know that my faith will never change. My faith and my relationship with Christ will always be with me.  I know that no matter what season I am in; whether it's joy or stress, sadness or change, I can have a conversation with God and I know that He will be there. Sometimes I have no words, just feelings and emotions. I can simply sit, close my eyes and just be still.  Other times, I can simply say “God, I have no words today, but YOU know my heart”   Have you ever felt this way?

What about in times of joy?  I feel like in a season of joy, you just want to joyfully pray and share everything!  Those are some wonderful prayers and conversations.

Always remember that no matter what season you are in, God is walking with you. He's walking beside you and He's walking in front of you. He's guiding you along these pathways and through your seasons. He's celebrating with you in seasons of joy, He's crying with you and seasons sadness, and He’s guiding you in seasons of change.  (I guess I should read what I write!)

So, what season are you in now?  What are some of the positives of this season?  Remember to learn from the season you are experiencing; take in the emotions, both good and bad, take time to breathe and pray.  But most importantly, remember, that seasons always change but faith (and God) are always here!



 "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven." 

Ecclesiastes 3:1



How can I pray for you in your season?

March 24, 2023 — Andrea Whitley

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