Do you have something that you collect?  Or maybe something that has a special meaning to it and every time you see one, you must buy it?  My friend is this way with flamingos!  She has phone covers, bags, shirts and they are adorable! It fits her loving personality perfectly!

That one thing for me is keys. I have keys all over my house, in my car, on my desk, etc. I have key necklaces and earrings. There are pictures, drawing, candle holders, skeleton keys and more!  It drives my husband crazy because I have some form of a key in every room in our house except the closets!    If my family or friends cannot think of something for my birthday or a holiday, they know they can always give me a key!

When I was working on a logo for Blessed Attire I knew that I had to have a key somewhere in it.  Our tag line is “unlock your style” and we even sell key jewelry on the website and in our store. 

So why keys?  Each key is unique and has its own special qualities and characteristics. There are iron keys, skeleton keys, wooden keys.  Some are small and simple while others are detailed with intricate designs.  And each key goes to a unique door. It may be a gate, a beautiful ornate door or a simple, plain door.  Again, all unique. They each have their own purpose.  Some unlock the door to your home, others to a locker and still others to a church or safe.  Without the right key for the right lock, we are locked out.  

To me, keys are a reminder that each person is different and unique in the way God made them.   I believe that God leads us to each door, but we have to unlock it!   Each door you unlock has a pathway that is unique to itself.  Behind the door might be an adventurer or it might be a challenge, but I know that God will unlock the right doors for me at the right time to help me see the path that I meant to be on.

In the book of Matthew (16:19-MSG), Jesus tells Peter 19 “And that’s not all. You will have complete and free access to God’s kingdom, keys to open any and every door…”  Think about how many doors Peter unlocked!  How many people he brought to Christ.

On my right wrist I have a key tattoo with a blue ribbon and a cross on the bottom. It’s a daily reminder that my faith will be able to unlock any door. It reminds me that I’m not stuck where I am unless I choose to stay there. There’s always another door, there’s always another key, there’s always another adventure or opportunity. I just have to have the courage to unlock the doors with the keys God has given me.

There are going to be doors that you may not be able to unlock.  No matter how many keys you try, no matter how many doors you try, you will come to one you cannot open.  God may not want you to unlock that door.  When He locks you out of one door, He will open a different one!

What doors do you want to need to unlock?  What new opportunity do you hope to find?

January 06, 2020 — Andrea Whitley