Time to Connect!

There are so many wonderful materials on how to strengthen our own individual connection with God. There are books and guides, podcasts and online articles dedicated to nurturing our love for God and His love for us. At Blessed Attire, we’re always interested in finding God’s connection through each other while building communities that know how to pray together. For those with growing families, praying together can be a wonderful challenge! When do we find the time? How can we explain what it means to pray to our children? Here are a few tips on how to pray and connect with God while doing so as a family. Enjoy!



We live in a world that values the wonders of technology. Its advances bring us so many incredible things. It can help us connect to friends and family all over the world, or bring us knowledge with the click of a button. Having this ability all of the time can also prove to be a bit of a distraction. Turning off our phones and computers and spending time with our families helps us tune in to each other, listening to what we might have missed otherwise. Eating dinner together, going on a nature walk, and asking where and when each person felt God that day can be a great opportunity to build your family’s faith relationship.


Pray Together

Spending time with our families is always so important, but it can be challenging to find time during the busy week to be still together. Praying together before meals or bedtime can be a great way to get into a routine. Blessed Attire loves trying new things! Praying doesn’t always have to be the same each time. Try drawing out prayers together, recording them on a tape, or making a collage of hopes and dreams for each person in your prayers.


Make a Special Space

Family time should be special and so should connecting to God. Creating a specific place in your home or apartment for prayer and connection can be a great way to spend time developing your family’s faith. Bringing music, special pillows or blankets, decorations, and books into the space will make prayer even more special for your family. Find what inspires your family and don’t be afraid to go with it!



Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it can be difficult to find an opportunity to share our days with our family and friends. Taking a moment before dinner or in the car to share the high and low moments of each day can be a great daily practice. Sharing these moments of success and struggle can help us connect with our families while asking God for guidance and comfort.


How do you and your family celebrate God’s goodness together? At Blessed Attire, we’re always grateful for special moments of connection with others and especially with our families. Remember God’s love for you and rejoice in it with each other!

June 20, 2017 — Andrea Whitley

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