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Back to School: Faith Edition

Back to School: Faith Edition


It’s that time of year again! Summer is wrapping up as children and their families prepare for a new year of school. Heading back to school is always bittersweet. While we say farewell to summertime, we also prepare to welcome the season of learning. As we gather up school supplies, buy new tennis shoes and backpacks, it’s also a wonderful time prepare to enter into our “new” faith. Whether we’ve accidentally hit pause on our prayer practice, or wonder what this transition will bring to our spiritual lives, heading back to school can teach us a lot about our own faith.  


Continuous Learning

Each year, our children head to school with an anticipation to make new friends and learn new things. Our faith is no different! We are constantly learning new things about Jesus, while receiving new gifts from our faith. Just as our children are always learning, so can we too strive for a deeper understanding of our connection to God, our world, and our families. Just as we prepare to send our children back to school, we can also prepare ourselves to reenter into our faith by surrounding ourselves with inspiration. Engaging with books of faith, spiritual music, and developing new friendships gives us the opportunity to strengthen our faith in new ways.


 Fears and Challenges

Back to school anxiety and anticipation is normal! Our children explore their fears and challenges all throughout the school year. Sometimes it’s a difficult project, at other times perhaps a friendship becomes challenging. Working through these obstacles gives our children perspective, wisdom, and life experience.  Maintaining faith does not come without its own set of challenges. Our own busy lives can challenge our faith in different ways. Consider using these times of difficulty as a way of acknowledging God’s steadfast love. When we stop to understand our own fears and temptations, we can walk away with a deeper understanding of ourselves.


New Faces of Faith

Do you remember how exciting it was when there was a new kid in class? Or maybe you were the new kid! The people we surround ourselves with do more for our faith lives than we could anticipate. During this back to school season, you might decide to join a new faith group, an exercise class, or book club. Developing new relationships gives us an opportunity to have deep connections with others. God is always living in others! What’s a better way to connect with God than through others?


Blessed Attire wishes you and your family a safe and faith-filled transition back to school! How do you strengthen your faith in this season of learning?