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Sacred Moments: Finding God in Each Day

Life can be so busy and chaotic at times. The chaos might come from raising a family with small children, perhaps it’s trying to meet deadlines at work, and for a lot of us, maybe it’s a mix of both! Finding balance between all of our responsibilities and time for self-care can be a thin line; one that doesn’t always exist. Blessed Attire was inspired by the desire to find connections to God through people, beauty, and everyday moments. It can be difficult at times to remember to stop, look, and recognize God in each day.


Whenever our family sees rays of sunshine peeking through a cloudy sky, we stop for a moment and remember it’s God’s way of saying “Hi!” Small moments like these help us to pause from our busyness and witness God’s profound love and commitment to us. Sometimes all we need is a reminder of sunshine to connect with God, other times it takes more effort and consciousness. Here are some ideas on how to pause and connect with God amidst the hustle and hurry of our lives. Enjoy!


Remember to Pause. Throughout the day, there are small moments where we can stop and take a breath. We might be stopped at a red light, early to a meeting, or maybe we have a few moments for a coffee break! Wherever we are, we can stop, breathe, and reflect on where God has been present in our lives throughout the day. This can be very fulfilling at night, after we’ve experienced a whole day. Think of the people who were blessings to your day, people who’ve challenged you, or things that surprised you. Relive these memories and give yourself a moment to see God within them, and thank Him.


Live with Eyes Open. Just as we stop and reflect on God’s presence, we can also stop and open our eyes. Have you ever been somewhere so beautiful that it reminds you of God’s presence in our lives? We don’t have to be hidden in the wilderness or on a mountain’s summit to see the true beauty of creation. There are special moments in a beautiful sunset, in a rainstorm, in a flower through the concrete. Maybe in the clouds or the sunshine. When we stop for a moment and take time to really look at what’s before us, we’ll be surprised at how many moments of connection are right in front of us.


Look Within. God’s beautiful creation isn’t only within nature, it’s also within our own bodies and personalities. We are a part of God’s creation and the great part is that we get to be around ourselves 24 hours a day! Having trouble connecting to God? Look within yourself. Finding ways we’ve succeeded each day is just as important to find areas for improvement. Love yourself, God does!


Plan Ahead. Breaking away from our daily lives isn’t always possible. We are creatures of many flaws, we forget to reflect and breathe. It might be helpful to plan our special moments ahead of time. Maybe one day you carry an item that is especially meaningful to you. At Blessed Attire, we often carry a tote bag with a special quote on it, or plan some time to snuggle up with one of our blankets as physical reminders of God’s warmth. Physical reminders of God’s presence are hard to ignore!


God is everywhere! The possibilities of his presence are endless and boundless. Perhaps you find connection over your morning cup of coffee or in the silence of a spare moment. Whatever it is, recognize it and enjoy the connection. What helps you connect with God each day?

June 06, 2017 — Andrea Whitley

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