Peacemaker Profiles: People Who Inspire

At Blessed Attire, we’re always inspired by the connections we make through the shared message of God. Our products are designed to enhance those connections by providing a platform for conversation. It’s the special connections that we share with normal, everyday people that inspire us the most. In the spirit of genuine gratitude, this week we are taking time to reflect on the people who inspire our work and our daily lives.


  • Our soldiers and service people often go unacknowledged and unrecognized for their great sacrifice for our country’s safety. Memorial Day is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the significance of the men and women who leave their families so that we can be with ours. Their acts of strength, perseverance, and courage are beautiful gifts from God that should be celebrated each and every day.


  • Our officers and firefighters who risk their lives everyday, walking towards danger on behalf of others encourage us to be more selfless and to serve others in our own special ways. The fear their families must feel at times is a sacrifice many of us do not know. Recognizing the impact of their calling and livelihoods make us more compassionate and loving members of the community. It’s easy to see the face of God when we take a moment to embrace the risk they take when they go to work.


  • Raising a family is no easy task! From single parents who work tirelessly to support their families, to our teachers and educators who shape future leaders, inspiration is easily found in their work and acts of love. My own family continuously inspires my work. My husband, a kind and loving man of faith, and my daughter, who is always looking to help those in need, keep me energized and grateful during difficult times.


  • Our pastors and clergymen and women give us the gift of God’s presence in the church, and throughout our daily lives. Their commitment to the goodness of God and their calling to live simply and for others is admirable. As we acknowledge the connections we make throughout our lives, it is especially meaningful to reflect on the connection we have with God because of the help we receive from these special and holy people.


Think about what’s been inspiring you, either in passing or in your daily work. Maybe it’s a conversation with an unlikely stranger, witnessing a beautiful act of kindness, or people who live lives of sacrifice and commitment. Whatever it might be, let us remember to give thanks for all these special moments and people! What’s inspiring you these days?

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