Music that Moves-God’s Lyrics

I remember the day… It was chilly outside, but the sun was shining making it look warmer than it actually felt.  I was in our bedroom folding laundry when the song came on.  I have always loved music!  It can change your mood in a split second. You can connect with a song, hear a lyric and think “THAT’S EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!” Music can make you smile, it can make you laugh and it can make you cry.

It had been a rough few weeks in our home.  Our house was for sale and anyone who has sold a home knows how stressful that process can be.  Unfortunately, my daughter did not want to move so emotions were high in the house.  My husband’s travel schedule for his work had increased which meant he was away more than normal and that added to the stress level.  I have a “muscle disease” called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and I had not been feeling well for weeks.  On top of all of this my dad had just been diagnosed with cancer.  

It felt like I was standing in the mud and just sinking. I was going through the motions each day but not actually moving.  Then the song came on.  I stopped folding laundry and just listened for a minute.  Then I sat on my bedroom floor and cried as I listened to the words of “Worn” by Tenth Avenue North.  (   I was worn.  I felt like God knew exactly where I was and knew I needed to hear that song.  I needed to know I was not alone and that He was with me.  Have you ever felt worn?  Tired, broken and just worn? 

At some point we all need the reminder that no matter how worn we are, how broken or tired, we can always find rest and strength in God.  Sometimes that rest or strength can come from family or friends but sometimes it may come in the form of music.  







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