God’s Warmth


As we enjoy the sunshine and beautiful weather of the summer months, it’s also a wonderful time to remember God’s warmth and love for us each day! While summer is a time for relaxation, vacation, and school-breaks, it’s also an opportunity for us to strengthen our faith. As we bask in the sunlight and enjoy ourselves, we can also find ways to bask in God’s warmth through faith-based activities for ourselves and our families. At Blessed Attire we love finding creative ways to connect to others and God. Check out some of the things we are up to this summer!

Vacation Bible School

During the summer holiday, schools and parishes will host Vacation Bible School or faith-based camps to engage children and reignite their faith through fun and interactive activities. This is a great way for children to make friends, while also learning about and expanding their connection to God and others. Vacation Bible School is a great volunteer opportunity for older children who have participated in the past or love working with younger children.

Bring your Faith on Vacation!

Many families take road-trips to the beach or the mountains during the summer months. Bringing your favorite faith-based music is a great way to spend time connecting to God as a family while getting ready for a week of bliss and enjoyment. Bring a journal to write or draw the things that you are most grateful for during your time away and reflect on them as a family during the ride back home.

Plant a Garden

What’s more inspiring than a garden? Choosing which flowers and vegetables to plant this summer is a great activity for both children and parents. Watching the plants grow from seeds into blooming flowers and ripe fruit is a wonderful miracle of God’s creation. It also serves as an everyday reminder of how God provides all that we could ever need.


As the days get longer, try spending some time reading something that feeds your soul. There are many faith-based books that can help inspire and enrich your faith during these summer months. Even reading one chapter a week can give you the boost in your faith life that might have been missing. There are faith-based books written especially for children, too! Host a book club night with your family and choose a special book to read together.

We wish you a very happy and healthy summer! For daily faith-based reminders of God’s love, check out our offerings here.
July 05, 2017 — Andrea Whitley

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