It Only Takes A Spark

“What does ‘be still and know’ mean?”  “Philippians 4:13! That’s my favorite verse.” A spark; a question; a conversation.  THAT is why I started Blessed Attire. 

 I was shopping the other day and was wearing one of our "be still and know"  Let’s Race tank top and a young woman came up to and said it was her favorite bible verse.  Another woman, who was standing near us came up to us and asked us what it meant.  We stood there in the middle of the store talking about this verse and Christ for 20 minutes! It was amazing.  That conversation, that spark, is the reason I do this. 

Featuring Our Favorite Products

It’s easy to forget that God’s grace is all around us! Sometimes, when life gets busy all we need is a small reminder of God’s love for us. We understand how chaotic life can be at times. That’s why we’ve created products specifically designed to spark conversation and allow us to be present to His love. 

Sometimes all it takes is a conversation or a quote to bring us back to what is truly important in life.  Or to allow someone the opportunity to ask you what they mean. Here are a few of our favorite Blessed Attire reminders!


Positivity in a Bag

Sparking conversation with our neighbors is hard to do these days. In the grocery store or around town, it’s easy to stick to ourselves. We pop in our earbuds and go along with our day. Carrying something like a tote bag to brighten someone’s day is a perfect way to start a deep and faith filled conversation. We love positive messages. That’s why you can find uplifting quotes like 1 Cor 10:14, “and do everything with love,” on many of our products. Start your day with a little love!

Something for Everyone!

Adults aren’t the only ones who need reminders of God’s love. Blessed Attire loves inspiring an interest in God for everyone in the family. We design products, like  t-shirts, that help kids understand their own faith. Being proud of faith is a powerful thing! Fostering this interest from an early age will give kids a strong faith-filled foundation.


Spread Out or Snuggle Up

Whether it’s a day at the park or a snowy winter night, God is with us everywhere. Quoted blankets, like this one, are great to leave in the car, on the bed, or draped over a sofa chair. Inspirational quotes will put a smile on anyone’s face, especially those who need it most. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


Stay Stylish

Who said wearing faith has to be frumpy? Our quoted t-shirts for men and women are designed to be flattering for each style and preference. Perfect for inspiring conversations, or acting as a physical reminder of God’s presence, there is something for everyone.


At Blessed Attire, we get energized by fueling people’s faith. Our products are a testament to our ever-growing faith and commitment to connecting with others. What products are your favorites?  What are some of your favorite versus or quotes? 

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